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  1. I have been using a pair of Profiles as my main go to rods for a about three years now and I find them ideal for my style of fishing in the Bristol Channel. I use them in the matches that are held around the top of the BC when we are fishing for codling, whiting, flounder. I have invested in a match tip for the summer season when I am targeting smaller fish like Silver eels and sole. In the norm I am using 5 and 6oz leads and the Profile handles these with baits with no problem. I have even been using them on my trips to Norway when I fish the Trondheim Fjord at Skarnsundet targeting anything from dabs to double figure cod. The quality of the build on the rods will depend on where they are sourced from with many of the large tackle shops using their own build services rather than a factory build.
    Posted by 2015-11-29 12:18:47