Shimano Catana 13ft Surf

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  1. Having used and owned softer tipped rods I opted for this as an entry level rough ground rod. Paid £70 new for it which I was delighted with. At the shop I had considered both the catana and a sonik black. Similar price but the difference was demonstrated in store and the strength of the catana win hands down. Fished the east coast of Scotland up at usan and was glad I had the rough ground rod. So, putting the rod to its test, out the bag very understated but a nice finish all the same in black, very few markings. Nice loling rod. I assembled it with my fixed spool and got to work. First cast sent the 6oz plus bait out a decent 100 plus yards without any real effort. However the retrieving was wher it came into its own. Where my other rods would gave suffered the catana was first class. Pulled my weight and hooks through the kelp fairly easily. Always felt confident I would retrieve my shock leader and weight in tact. Had one scrap with a big fish and it performed very well, easy to see bites and pulls in fish without any effort. First trip left me keen to get the rod out again. Nice weight, nice reel seat. All good. Only downside is it's a 2 piece, my car is a bit wee for it. Highly recommended
    Posted by 2015-12-23 19:35:30